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The world of electronics is fast moving and always changing. Nagase partners with customers to produce the next generation of technologies in electronics and semiconductor assembly. In fact, our electronics materials are found in many leading smart phones and tablets currently on the market.
We leverage the strengths of our group companies, such as Engineered Materials Systems and Nagase ChemteX, to provide multifaceted solutions. Partner with Nagase to innovate your brand for success.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Materials

Featuring electrically conductive adhesives, thermally conductive/electrically conductive adhesives and transparent adhesives for die attach applications.


Photoresists for Lift-off

Printed Electronics Materials

In various grades and formulations customized to your application.

In various grades and formulations customized to your application.

Semiconductor Materials and Equipment

EPOLEAD PB3600 is a premium resin modifier that imparts flexibility and improves impact resistance characteristics in cured products without negatively impacting adhesiveness when formulated with polyamine and/or anhydride curing agents. Additional benefits include: Lower epoxy-equivalent weight compared to conventional epoxidized polybutadienes Contains both epoxy groups and vinyl groups in the molecule, with terminal hydroxyl groups