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Bio-Based Materials

In response to an increasing need for sustainable specialty chemical solutions, we have expanded our portfolio of bio-based materials with GREEN DENACOL™, a new series of aliphatic epoxies with USDA certified bio-based content.

GREEN DENACOL™ grades are plant-derived specialty epoxy compounds that have undergone third-party confirmation of their exceptionally high bio-based content to obtain USDA BioPreferred certification. These versatile epoxies are produced with the same consistently high lot-to-lot quality as their counterpart grades in our DENACOL™ EX Series, making them compelling environmentally friendly solutions for formulators seeking to achieve both performance and sustainability goals.

We have the ability to produce additional grades of aliphatic epoxies with high bio-based content and look forward to learning how we can support your project needs from research and development to production effectively and efficiently.

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High-performance epoxy crosslinkers with high bio-based content. Each GREEN DENACOL™ grade in the series has received the USDA BioPreferred certification.