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Pharmaceutical & Diagnostics

Meeting the health needs of a growing and aging population requires innovation. Nagase offers a variety of technologies to help meet these challenges, including excipients, in-vitro diagnostic reagants and ingredients for APIs, such as unnatural amino acids.
We leverage the strengths of our group companies, such as Hayashibara Co., Ltd., Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd., and Nagase ChemteX, to provide multifaceted solutions. Partner with Nagase to innovate your brand for success.

In Vitro Diagnostics

A variety of reagents for automated analyzers, including reagents for chemistry, urine, plasma protein, hemostasis fibrinolytic, infectious disease, tumor marker, hormone and other applications.


Pharmaceutical Excipients

Trehalose SG is a high purity injectable grade of trehalose that can be used as a stabilizer for biomaterials (proteins, etc.) during processing and storage.