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cat-logos-plastics-v01 Plastics have been called one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century and are found in almost every facet of daily life. Nagase offers a variety of technologies for plastic materials, and our portfolio includes microparticles and beads, nanoparticles, monomers and oligomers. We leverage the strengths of our group companies, such as Nagase ChemteX, to provide multifaceted solutions. Partner with Nagase to innovate your brand for success.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Mono- and multi-functional aliphatic epoxy crosslinkers, reactive diluents, and modifiers. Grades include high functionality, varying degrees of water solubility, low chlorine content, hydroxyl functionality, and bio-based content. Low viscosity and non yellowing. Provides good adhesion to metal and nylon substrates.

Reactive monomers effective in cationic UV-curing for reducing viscosity and increasing the cure speed of glycidyl ethers.

Core-Shell Impact Modifiers

Functionalized Core-Shell Microparticles

Impact modifier for thermoplastics and toughener for thermosets, epoxies, UPEs, powder coatings and UV-curable coatings.

Formulators can use it to deliver high-performance coatings that fulfill customer needs while imparting additional processing and end-use benefits. Denacol EX-622 can be used both in traditional epoxy systems and non-isocyanate (NISO) systems. Standard epoxy curatives such as amines can be used with Denacol EX-622 for traditional epoxy systems. For NISO systems, Denacol EX-622 can

EPOLEAD PB3600 is a premium resin modifier that imparts flexibility and improves impact resistance characteristics in cured products without negatively impacting adhesiveness when formulated with polyamine and/or anhydride curing agents. Additional benefits include: Lower epoxy-equivalent weight compared to conventional epoxidized polybutadienes Contains both epoxy groups and vinyl groups in the molecule, with terminal hydroxyl groups


Other Additives

Raw materials for engineering plastics, including non-halogenated flame retardants, such as phosphazene flame retardants.

Flat Chopped Glass Fibers

Unique high performance glass fiber with flat cross sections.

Formulators know the challenge of balancing additive properties when formulating conductive materials, such as coatings, plastics and other end-use applications. Alternate materials can make electroconductivity difficult to customize and may provide poor stability and inconsistent conductivity performance. Using ATO-based additives addresses these challenges. Featuring both ATO and ATO-coated TiO2, Nagase supplies functional materials with higher

Polymer Melt Filters

Patented polymer melt filtration system for filtration of various resins prior to pelletization (or other processes) and film extrusion of both optical films as well as packaging and industrial films.

Polymeric Microparticles

Crosslinked acrylic and styrenic microspheres. Suited for waterborne and solvent-borne systems. Excellent dispersability in paint formulations. Excellent compatibility with coated film. Durable matte or soft-feel coating, which has superior scratch and mar resistance.

Crosslinked silicone (PMSQ) microspheres with a consistent spherical shape and narrow particle distribution. Superior heat resistance with a lower refractive index for more efficient light diffusion.