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Aliphatic Sorbitol Glycidyl Ether

CAS # 68412-01-1

A unique, versatile crosslinker that provides value-added solutions to many coatings formulation challenges.


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Formulators can use it to deliver high-performance coatings that fulfill customer needs while imparting additional processing and end-use benefits.

Denacol EX-622 can be used both in traditional epoxy systems and non-isocyanate (NISO) systems. Standard epoxy curatives such as amines can be used with Denacol EX-622 for traditional epoxy systems. For NISO systems, Denacol EX-622 can react with carboxyl functional acrylic resins or specialty curing agents – available from Nagase – to produce high-solids, ambient-cure coatings.

Depending on the application method and requirements, Denacol EX-622 can be formulated with other epoxy materials from the Denacol series for improved final properties.

Nagase manufactures the Denacol series of aliphatic epoxies in Japan under strict quality control standards. Denacol EX-622 and related grades are stocked in North America for ready supply.

Performance Advantages

Denacol EX-622 is a sorbitol polyglycidyl ether. Its aliphatic epoxy backbone enables formulators to create coatings that are:

The tetrafunctionality of Denacol EX-622 increases the reactivity and crosslink density of formulations, resulting in coatings with:


Denacol EX-622 can be used for high-performance, indoor or outdoor topcoat applications including:

Denacol EX-622 also works well in other high-performance applications – such as adhesives – where fast cure speed and high crosslink density are required.

Product Specifications

Product name:  Chemical name Epoxy content (WPE) Viscosity (mPa・s) Color Valency Characteristics
EX-622:  Sorbitol Polyglycidyl Ether 191 11,800 2(G) Tetrafunctional or higher

Denacol EX-622 & Complementary Products

Grade Aliphatic Backbone Functionality Viscosity Epoxy Content(WPE) Water Solubility (%)
EX-622 Sorbitol 4 11,800 191 0
EX-614B Sorbitol 4 5000 173 94
EX-314 Glycerol 3 170 144 64
EX-810 Polyethylene Glycol 2 20 113 100
EX-832 Polyethylene Glycol 2 90 284 100
EX-252 Hydrogenated BPA 2 2,200 213 0

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