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Denacol EX-622 (Aliphatic Sorbitol Glycidyl Ether Epoxy)

CAS # 68412-01-1

Denacol EX-622 (Aliphatic Sorbitol Glycidyl Ether Epoxy)

Denacol EX-622 is a multifunctional aliphatic epoxy resin based on sorbitol. It can be used as a crosslinker in traditional epoxy systems to impart high reactivity and increased crosslinking density.

It can also react with the carboxyl groups on carboxyl-functional acrylic resins. This is particularly useful to formulate non-isocyanate (non ISO or NISO) systems such as low VOC, ambient cure coatings based on high solids carboxyl functional acrylic resins. Coatings based on aliphatic Denacol EX-622 are more flexible and reach their final properties faster.

Additional Information

Product name:  Chemical name Epoxy content (WPE) Viscosity (mPa・s) Total chlorine (%) Color Valency Packaging Unit Characteristics/Applications
EX-622:  Sorbitol Polyglycidyl Ether 191 11,800 19.4 2(G) 20Kg  200Kg Characteristics:  Tetrafunctional or higher

Applications:  Fiber, paper, sticking/ adhesion, paint

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