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cat-logos-chemicals-v01 Chemicals are an integral part of modern life. Nagase offers a variety of intermediates and raw materials for chemical applications, with a portfolio that includes adhesives materials, such as aliphatic epoxies, materials for silicones and silanes, materials for textiles, and materials for CMP slurries. We leverage the strength of our group companies, such as Nagase ChemteX, to provide multifaceted solutions. Partner with Nagase to innovate your brand for success.

Adhesives Materials

Mono- and multi-functional cycloaliphatic epoxies. Grades include low viscosity, good transparency, high heat resistance, high Tg, and good electrical properties. Non-yellowing with high flexibility and toughness. Suitable for thermal cure or UV cure (cationic).

Increase the flexibility and impart toughness and impact resistance to thermosetting systems such as epoxy resins and unsaturated polyesters. Also used in temporary bonding applications.

Low Tg functionalized aliphatic acrylic esters. Low impurities, low residual monomer content, high molecular weight with narrow weight distribution. Three possible functional groups (COOH, OH, epoxy). Provides flexibililty, tack, cohesion, and peel strength.

Hydroxy-functional epoxy acrylates and methacrylates for UV/EB-curable ink, coating, and adhesive applications.

Mono- and multi-functional aliphatic epoxy crosslinkers, reactive diluents, and modifiers. Grades include high functionality, varying degrees of water solubility, low chlorine content, hydroxyl functionality, and bio-based content. Low viscosity and non yellowing. Provides good adhesion to metal and nylon substrates.

Reactive monomers effective in cationic UV-curing for reducing viscosity and increasing the cure speed of glycidyl ethers.

Formulators can use it to deliver high-performance coatings that fulfill customer needs while imparting additional processing and end-use benefits. Denacol EX-622 can be used both in traditional epoxy systems and non-isocyanate (NISO) systems. Standard epoxy curatives such as amines can be used with Denacol EX-622 for traditional epoxy systems. For NISO systems, Denacol EX-622 can

Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Slurry Materials


Amino acid that can be used metal complexing and finishing. This can be used for CMP slurry applicaitons

Raw Materials for Silicones and Silanes

Contains two reactive groups, an epoxy and an allyl group, and can be used as a cross-linking agent, in surface treatment applications, for elastomers, fiber treatment, adhesives, paint and reactive monomers.

Cycloaliphatic epoxy with epoxy and vinyl group for use in various applications, such as coupling agent and UV-cure type paper release applications.