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CPI™ Series (Photo-Acid Generators)


CPI™ Series (Photo-Acid Generators)

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San-Apro’s CPI™ line of Photoacid Generators (PAGs) are unique, high purity photoinitiators for UV-curing of cationic raw materials.  These include the 200-series products that match curing performance of hexafluoroantimonate (SbF6)-based sulfonium salts but without the presence of the heavy metal Antimony (Sb).

Product examples include:

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Adhesives, Inks, Coatings, Stereolithography & 3D Printing, Conformal Coatings, Photoresists, Silicone Release Coatings

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All San-Apro PAGs are ~99.5+% purity (i.e., little or no bis-sulfonium salts), demonstrating more efficient curing and long shelf life and stability.

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