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Automotive manufacturers are striving to create energy efficient, eco-friendly and high quality automobiles. Nagase works with customers to meet these goals with a portfolio that includes a variety of automobile components, polyurethane products, and resins.
We leverage the strength of our group companies, such as KN Platech America and Engineered Materials Systems, to provide multifaceted solutions. Partner with Nagase to innovate your brand for success.

Aerospace Materials

Automotive Components

Blow-molded EA pad that offers various advantages, including improved performance, a wide range of profiles, durability and recyclability.

Specialty insert molded parts for inverter, converter and power module applications.

Various parts with features including chrome replica, hydrographic, painting, real touch pattern technology, and IPE, for automotive applications.

Thermoformed non-woven trunk side, trunk lids, trunk fronts, wheel arch, insulators and others.

Corrugated polypropylene laminated with carpet, as well as honeycomb polypropylene laminated with carpet, created using blow molded technology.

Indirect Materials


Texiles for automotive seating and door panel applications.

Glass Mats

Unwoven fabric consisting of randomly distributed chopped strands held together with a powder or emulsion binder for various automotive applications.

Thermoplastic elastomer thermal conduction sheet for LED, CPU and Power ICs applications.

Environmentally friendly flame retardant insulation film made of polycarbonate with non-brominated and non-phophate retardant.

Polyurethane Foam Products and Materials

Polyurethane Molded Foam

Polyurethane foam pads for automotive seating applications.

Synthetic Leather

For polyurethane applications.

Customizable flame laminates for automobile seat, door, headliner, and other car interior applications.

Raw materials for engineering plastics, including non-halogenated flame retardants, such as phosphazene flame retardants.

Thermoplastic Resin

Thermoset Resin

One and two component adhesives available in various grades and formulations customized to your application.

One and two component potting materials available in various grades and formulations customized to your application.