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DENATITE™ Epoxy Resin Series

by: Nagase ChemteX

DENATITE™ Epoxy Resin Series

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The DENATITE™ Epoxy Resin series includes one-component and two-component epoxy adhesives. The series has extensive properties such as high adhesive strength, flexibility, and high heat resistance.

Additional Information

DENATITE™ for Transfer Molding (RTM) and Infusions

Grade Applications Key Features
XNR6809/XNH6809 Multiple usages Standard type
XNR6840V Aerospace, vehicle Excellent high dry, superior hot / wet, high mechanical properties
XNR6840V-1 Aerospace, vehicle Low viscosity, long pot life, moderate hot / wet
XNR6815/XNH6815 Wind energy, marine, others Ambient temperature curing, low viscosity
XNR6816/XNH6816 Wind energy, marine, sports, others Approval GL, low mix viscosity
XNR6715/XNH6715 Wind energy, marine, others Epoxy / vinyl ester hybrid resin, short cure schedule, small linear shrinkage


DENATITE™ for Adhesives

Grade Applications Key Features
XNR6852 Auto (CFRP / metal or CFRP / CFRP), aerospace (fiber metal) High elongation, excellent T-Peel strength
XNR6823/XNH6823RC Wind energy, thers Excellent sag resistance, easy-to-mix and pump, excellent water and oil resistance


DENATITE™ for Aerospace

Grade Applications Key Features
XNR6950/XNH6950 Potting compound for honeycomb High Tg, low density, excellent compression strength / modulus.
XNR6951-3/XNH6951-3 Groove filling process Fast cure, low density, small cure shrinkage


Other DENATITE™ Applications

Grade Applications Key Features
XNR6830/XNH6841 Lighting systems High transparency, flame retardant
XNR6813/XNH6813 Mould High Tg
XNR6114C/XNH6114C Model Automatic dispense type
SW5155N-NF/HY5159C Gel coat General type


Brochure: Denatite Brochure

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