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The modern consumer is looking for a balance in taste, nutrition and convenience.  Bringing over 180 years of Japanese quality, Nagase offers a variety of naturally sourced ingredients, including multi-functional saccharides, enzymes, and nutraceutical ingredients.
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All Food and Beverage Ingredients

Enzyme for yeast extract processing yield improvement

Enzyme for optimizing egg use and increasing viscosity and thermostability of sauces and dressing, as well as improving the volume and crumb of baked goods

Enzyme that can be used to tenderize many kinds of meat as well as to improve the texture and “knack” of natural casing

Pullulan is a unique functional polysaccharide for film forming, capsules, sugar coating and binder applications.

SUNMALT-S is a high purity maltose for tableting, glazing, flavors, beers and culture media applications.

Trehalose is a multi-functional disaccharide for the bakery, beverage, snack, meat and seafood, vegetable and fruit, as well as frozen foods categories.