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TREHA® trehalose

TREHA® trehalose

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How can food technologists fulfill consumers’ desire for just-made freshness? TREHA® trehalose maintains and enhances original food and beverage quality, helping formulators develop products that taste and smell as good as they look. With benefits for flavor, texture and freshness, trehalose delivers a multi-sensory experience. A unique ingredient found in nature, trehalose offers multi-functionality across a wide range of applications, helping to bring out the best in your products.



TREHA® trehalose is a multi-functional disaccharide with unique benefits for freshness, texture, and flavor/aroma in food and beverages.  Trehalose is naturally occurring in many common foods, such as mushrooms, baker’s yeast and honey.  As an ingredient, TREHA® has unique benefits across a wide range of applications, including bakery, snack, confection, meat and seafood, fruit and vegetable processing, and beverages.


Freshness benefits:


Texture benefits:


Flavor benefits:

Additional Information

Trehalose is a unique crystalline disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules bound in a highly stable α,α–1,1 linkage.  Its physical properties include:



NAGASE is the leading global trehalose supplier and manufacturer.  In 1995, Hayashibara, a wholly owned subsidiary of NAGASE, was the first company in the world to mass produce trehalose.  NAGASE manufactures TREHA® via a proprietary enzymatic process from starch.

Regulatory Information

Trehalose has been reviewed by all of the major regulatory agencies in the world and found to be safe for use in foods.  Trehalose received a “no questions” letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is approved as a Novel Food in the European Union.  The Joint Committee of Food Additives of the World Health Organization/Food Agricultural and Organization (JECFA of WHO/FAO) reviewed trehalose and provided an ADI of “not specified.”  TREHA® is certified as Kosher and Halal.  Conventional and Identity Preserved grades are available.


: The Science of Freshness-Delivering Freshness to Packaged and Convenience Foods

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