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What We Do

Sales and Marketing

Nagase America LLC combines technical expertise and market insight with a global network to generate strategic opportunities for business partners and Nagase-brand products. With over 100 companies in 20 overseas countries, Nagase America offers access to specialized technologies with an especially strong presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Nagase is the door to unique products and new frontiers.

Our key product lines include:

EMS with ECM, KN Platech, ChemteX, Hayashibara, SunDelta, and Sofix

R&D, Manufacturing, Processing

The Nagase group consists of over 50 manufacturing and processing companies, as well as numerous research and development teams. Our R&D teams work with business partners to develop new products, provide application knowledge and support, as well as increase core scientific knowledge in general. Nagase is committed to technical creativity and market innovation through collaborating with customers and partners to offer valued-added products and services.

Manufacturing Highlights
  • Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. is a formulator and manufacturer of adhesives, conductives and encapsulants serving the appliance, automotive, filter, lighting, medical and microelectric markets.
  • KN Platech America Corporation manufactures blow molded components for the automotive industry.
  • Sofix LLC is a manufacturer of color formers.
R&D Highlights
Kobe R&D Center focuses on biotechnology to drive innovation in life sciences, including cosmetics, food and medicine.
Nagase Application Workshop focuses on the development of materials and product formulations for plastics and coatings applications.

Distribution and Logistics

Nagase America LLC specializes in providing full-service solutions to customers. With locations all throughout the globe, Nagase offers transportation, storage, and distribution capabilities, as well as regulatory expertise for different markets. Combined with services such as customs handling, invoicing and cash collection, Nagase provides efficient and high quality all-around solutions.