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Trunk Floor and Load Floor

Trunk Floor and Load Floor

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Nagase offers a variety of load floor and trunk floor products customized to meet customers’ needs.


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Nagase's interior parts group specializes in supplying high quality, price-competitive products to automotive market globally. Our relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures , combined with our network of experienced interior parts suppliers both domestically and globally, allow us to successfully launch and manage multiple programs for a variety of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Additionally, our adept ability to control quality, warehouse, and import/export large quantities of automotive parts, adds intrinsic value to our overall function as a global interior parts supplier.


1. Automation 2. Sealed Edge 3. Die Cutting 3. Assembly 4. Warehousing/Logistics 5. Design and Testing (exclusive to blow molded and blow molded lite) 6. Quality Control

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