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Blow-Molded Energy Absorbing Pad

by: KN Platech (Nagase Group)

Blow-Molded Energy Absorbing Pad

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These customizable blow-molded energy absorbing pads are produced using proprietary technology and offer several advantages compared to conventional EA pads.

A. Improved performance: These pads exhibit improved performance through offering multiple characteristics within the same pad while retaining the ability to customize wall thicknesses.

B. Wide range of profiles: These pads can be created with more detailed profiles that other pad technologies cannot offer.

C. Durability: These pads are more durable compared to standard polyurethane pads.

D. Recyclablility: These pads are 100% recyclable.


Additional Information

Nagase's interior parts group specializes in supplying high quality, price-competitive products to the automotive market globally.  Our relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures, combined with our network of experienced interior parts suppliers both domestically and globally, allow us to successfully launch and manage multiple programs for a variety of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  Additionally, our adept ability to control quality, warehouse, and import/export large quantities of automotive parts, adds intrinsic value to our overall function as a global interior parts supplier.


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