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Polyamide (PA)

Polyamide (PA)

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Polyamide, an engineering thermoplastic, is commonly referred to by its trade name nylon. Many varieties of polyamide are produced today, the most common being PA 6 currently. Each different grade can have vastly different properties. For example, PA 6 has a high heat deflection temperature, good strength, good wear resistance, and good chemical resistance. The greatest drawback to PA 6 is its high moisture absorption; this negatively influences its other properties, especially its dimensional stability. PA can be found in under-hood applications for cars as well as cross beams, windshield wipers, gears, sprockets, circuit breaker housings, various films and coatings, small appliance and tool housings, plastic ties, clips, and even rail fasteners.

Nagase offers various grades of PA.  Please contact us to find out more.

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