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Swellable Core-Shell Particles

Swellable Core-Shell Particles

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Our Swellable Core-Shell Particles are acrylic polymer beads.  Because the particle shell swells when the system is heated to temperatures close to the gel point, it can be used to adjust viscosity and thickening rate as well as to deliver pre-gelling characteristics to resins before hardening.

Product Features:

Additional Information

Grade Ave Part. Size mm Composition Mean Degree of polymerization Features Uses
F301 2 PMMA - Epoxy functional Paste/Adhesive
F303 2 Modified PMMA 20,000 Good Dispersability w/ FRP Paste/FRP
F320 2 PMMA 30,000 Semi-gelling Paste/Adhesive
F325 1 PMMA 4,000 Good Compatibility Paste Resin
F340M 0.5 Acrylic Copolymer 30,000 Good Compatibility Paste Resin
F-351 0.3 Acrylic Copolymer - Impact Modifier Structural Adhesive, CFRP
F-360 35 PMMA 40,000 Large Particle Paste Resin

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