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Maltose-PH (Pharmaceutical Grade Maltose)

by: Hayashibara (NAGASE Group)

Maltose-PH (Pharmaceutical Grade Maltose)

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Maltose-PH is a pharmaceutical grade maltose for human intravenous use.  It is a disaccharide that contains two glucose molecules with anα-1,4 glucosidic bond and is twice as efficient as glucose in supplying calories in intravenous fluid.  Maltose is metabolized in the body with only a slight need for insulin, making it an ideal source of energy for diabetics and patients who have temporary post-operative diabetes.  Maltose sugar has little influence on the blood-sugar level.  Maltose-PH is a white crystalline, odorless powder.  It is also used as an excipient/stabilizer in various pharmaceutical products.


Regulatory Information

Listed on the US DMF (United States) and the JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia)

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