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Pharmaceutical Grade Pullulan

by: Hayashibara (NAGASE Group)

Pharmaceutical Grade Pullulan

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Pharmaceutical grade pullulan is a water-soluble neutral polysaccharide produced from starch syrup by fermentation. Available as a white powder, it is essentially odorless, flavorless, and stable. Pullulan has good workability and strong binding characteristics when compared with other binders commonly used in pharmaceutical tableting. In the granulation process, low viscosity and high adhesive strength enables Pullulan to be used effectively. The good binding and film-forming properties of Pullulan make it a valuable ingredient for coating tablets. Pullulan helps produce smooth, highly glossed and stronger tablets. A unique benefit of using Pullulan for film coating is its exceptional oxygen barrier property that can help stabilize active ingredients against oxidation and noticeably reduce strong or unpleasant odors from tablets or coated particles. Pullulan can also be used to make non-animal capsules and has the same exceptional oxygen barrier function as the film.


Regulatory Information

Listed on the USP-NF (United States Pharmacopoeia) and JP
(Japanese Pharmacopoeia)

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