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Dry Film Negative Photoresists for Laminating

by: Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (Nagase Group)

Dry Film Negative Photoresists for Laminating

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Photoresists are light-sensitive materials used to form patterned coatings on various materials. We offer four series of negative image dry film photoresists for laminating applications.

DF-1000 Series for consistent photospeed and +/- 3% critical dimension target

DF-2000 Series for improved hydrophobicity

DF-3000 Series for improved hydrophobicity

DF-4000 Series

Additional Information

Product Name Description
DF-1000 Series Clear after post exposure bake
DF-2000 Series Green tint for consistent photospeed
DF-3000 Series Non-Antimony with Lower Tg
DF-3500 Series Non-Antimony and consistent photospeed
DF-4000 Series Extremely Hydrophobic >90o Contact Angle

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