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Dielectric Inks

by: Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (Nagase Group)

Dielectric Inks

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We offer a variety of dielectric inks for printed electronics.  We are committed to partnering with customers to create customized solutions.

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Dielectric Inks

Product Description Chemistry Viscosity(cps) Cure Dielectric Strength VOC
DI-7502 For top coating silver to protect against electrical shorts, silver migration, and to allow multi-layer circuitry.


UV curable dielectric ink with excellent flexibility and adhesion properties.

Acrylic 10,000  0.75 J/cm2 >1,000volts/mil None
DI-7542 For membrane switches, copper flex circuits and medical electrodes.


UV curable insulating ink providing excellent flexibility

Acrylic 12,000 0.675J/cm2 >1,000volts/mil None


Engineered Materials Systems, Inc., a Nagase group company, is a global formulator and manufacturer of adhesives, conductives and encapsulants.

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