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UV Curable Adhesive and Encapsulant by:

Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (Nagase Group)

XNR5516Z(D) is a 100% solid epoxy-based adhesive that’s specifically formulated to bond glass. After curing with traditional UV lamps, it exhibits extremely low water vapor transmission, making it ideal for encapsulating organic materials and optical devices.

XNR5516Z(D) is manufactured by Engineered Materials Systems (EMS) in Ohio, US. This material is stocked and ready to bring its unique properties to your glass-sealing and electronics applications. XNR5516Z series is also made in Japan and China using the same recipe.

Performance Advantages

XNR5516Z(D) exhibits several high-performance properties, including:


XNR5516Z(D) cures quickly, providing strong adhesion and effective encapsulation for:

Product Specifications

Property Items Method XNR5516Z Series
Viscosity(25C) (10rpm) Brookfield 120 Pa・s
Tg DMA 102C
Water Vapor transmission rate 60C/90RH% MOCON T=100um 20 g/m2・24hr
Peel Strength(25C) Glass-Glass 5.6N/mm

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