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DENACOL™ FCA-640 (Hexahydrophthalic Acid Diglycidyl Ester)

CAS # 5493-45-8

by: Nagase ChemteX (NAGASE Group)

DENACOL™ FCA-640 (Hexahydrophthalic Acid Diglycidyl Ester)

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DENACOL™ FCA-640 is a di-functional cycloaliphatic resin (hexahydrophthalic acid diglycdyl ester) primarily used for electronic insulation and other applications.  It is low viscosity and stable to UV exposure.  It is a grade in the DENACOL™ series of aliphatic epoxies.

Regulatory Information

TSCA registered, EINECS 226-826-3


Technical Data Sheet: PDS_DENACOL_EX-252_FCA-640_EX-711C_151014R02E_Fk

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