From Millennials to the aging population, U.S. consumers are increasingly looking for new types of beverages with functional benefits, beyond their traditional favorites. In fact, according to Mintel, two thirds of Americans (67%) sometimes or frequently purchase new/different beverages*. However, with an increasing number of beverage alternatives available, how do formulators develop “better-for-you” beverages that will stand out from the crowd?  

Download our white paper to learn how TREHA® trehalose can be a solution for flavor masking, helping drive sales of your functional beverage with improved beverage appeal.  The white paper covers:

  • How TREHA® trehalose masks off-notes in flavor and odor, including those of proteins, high intensity sweeteners, vitamins/minerals, and more
  • Two case studies:  A grapefruit-based energy drink and a high protein, vanilla-flavored beverage

Download our free white paper now!

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*Mintel. “Beverage blurring is reshaping the US non-alcoholic drink landscape.”  Press release. 22 March 2016. Accessed on 8 June2016. Retrieved from