TREHA® trehalose is a multi-functional ingredient with many benefits in food and beverage formulations.  From improving the flavor of functional beverages to protecting probiotics during stress conditions, TREHA® can help food formulators solve a variety of challenges in multiple applications.  Below is a teaser of the top three reasons, and to learn all of them download the full list!

  1. Improved Flavor and Beyond:  Enhances and intensifies flavors, such as citrus flavors, while masking off-notes.  Rounds out flavor while masking off-flavors and odors.
  2. Found in Nature:  Trehalose naturally occurs in many common foods, including mushrooms, baker’s yeast and honey.  TREHA® trehalose is produced from startch by a proprietary enzymatic process.
  3. Masked-off notes:  Masks off tastes and odors of proteins, high intensity sweeteners, and vitamins and minerals.

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