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by: Hayashibara (NAGASE Group)


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For film formation and texture creation

Pullulan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide.  Pullulan has good adhesive and foam retention properties when dissolved in water, but without high viscosity. These properties enable Pullulan to be used for creating luxuriant smoothness for skin, hair care and facial cleansing products. Furthermore, the excellent adhesive property of Pullulan also provides an opportunity to create new products such as facial masks that can be easily washed away. Pullulan produces easily dissolvable films, making it an effective and stable carrier for active ingredients, colors and fragrances.

INCI name: Pullulan


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Nagase is the innovator of Pullulan manufacturing and is the leading global Pullulan supplier.  Nagase also produces food grade Pullulan and pharmaceutical grade Pullulan.

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