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Nagase Specialty Materials NA LLC Created by Unifying Fitz Chem LLC and the NY Division of Nagase America

NEW YORK, NY & ITASCA, IL, JUNE 24, 2020 – Today, Nagase America LLC announced plans to integrate their NY Division and Fitz Chem LLC into one, unified company. Starting on September 1, 2020, both entities will operate under the new name Nagase Specialty Materials NA LLC (“NSM”).

Nagase America, a global chemicals trading firm, acquired specialty chemicals distributor Fitz Chem Corporation in 2017 to expand their footprint in the US specialty chemicals market and better serve customers within that sector. This integration will further strengthen Nagase’s position in North America through demonstrated leadership in the provision of specialty materials and solutions, continued excellence in distribution, and a strengthened focus on business development.

Key integration details:

Greater than the sum of its parts

Takuya Tonomura, CEO, anticipates a fruitful integration that expands on the strengths of both organizations.

“Joining these two established Nagase organizations represents an exciting combination of mission, talent and infrastructure that will result in greater efficiencies and technology access for our customers,” explains Tonomura.

Mark Miller, President & COO, also looks forward to newly created opportunities.

“I’m excited to lead our NSM organization in North America, which provides a unique value proposition to its customers, suppliers and business partners as a hybrid,” Miller said.  This new business structure, Miller asserts, will offer “continued representation of the finest chemical and material suppliers combined with access to our complementary manufactured Nagase technologies in our markets, all within the context of NA geographic expansion.”

Nagase America and Fitz Chem LLC are committed to a seamless transition into the unified NSM and continued supply of materials. Additional communication related to the specific points of contact will be forthcoming in early July. In the interim, if you have any questions or require more information about Nagase Specialty Materials NA LLC, please feel free to contact Mark Miller ( or JP Masson ( directly.

About Nagase America

Nagase America is a global leader in innovative solutions for the chemicals, plastics, electronics, life sciences and automotive markets. We are a member of the Nagase Group, founded in 1832 and now encompassing over 100 companies in 20 countries and 5,900 employees worldwide. For more information, visit or

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