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NAGASE Launches New Global Website Experience Based on Sustainability and Digital Transformation

TOKYO, JAPAN – Nagase & Co., Ltd. has launched its inaugural global website. This unified digital experience offers visitors an intuitive and interactive journey through NAGASE’s unique portfolio of services, products, and solutions. As a connected solution provider with operations in over 32 countries worldwide, NAGASE is well-positioned to bring together a range of industry-leading partners, products, and solutions to their customers.

With NAGASE’s new digital experience, visitors can explore NAGASE’s broad range of products and services that span multiple industries, including chemicals, automotive, energy, electronics food & ingredients, life sciences, and more. Through a user-friendly interface and easy navigation options, customers can view products and services to find the best solution for their needs. In addition, the new website includes resources such as industry market trends, compelling case studies, and success stories from around the world that demonstrate NAGASE’s expertise, research and development (R&D) capabilities, and cutting-edge material science innovation.

Moreover, this launch marks an essential step in NAGASE’s move towards digital business, and the website provides a platform for customers to connect with the company digitally. The site includes easy-to-use lead generation forms, which allows customers to get in touch quickly and easily with NAGASE.

“This is just the beginning,” says Ryuichi Uchida, Executive Officer and President of NAGASE’s Global Marketing Promotion Department. “This new site was built to be immediately impactful, but it is also ready for further expansion. It will continue to evolve with enhanced functionality, additional languages, enriched content, and an expanded online product portfolio across business verticals and regions.”

NAGASE is continuing to evolve to better serve its customers. As a Business Designer, the company is dedicated to delivering results that meet the ever-changing needs of customers across multiple industries and geographies. Its online presence is yet another example of its commitment to identify, develop, and expand new business opportunities that drive value for its customers and contribute to a sustainable future.

Visit the new NAGASE website at:

About Nagase & Co., Ltd.

Nagase & Co., Ltd. is a chemical trading firm and a public company with $8 billion in annual revenue. Founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1832 as a specialized purveyor of dyes and chemicals, NAGASE Group now has 114 group companies and more than 7,000 team members. Spanning over 32 countries, NAGASE is connecting the world with high-end materials and technologies.

About Nagase America

Nagase America is a global leader in innovative solutions for the chemicals, plastics, electronics, life sciences and automotive markets. We are a member of the Nagase Group, founded in 1832 and now encompassing over 100 companies in 20 countries and 5,900 employees worldwide. For more information, visit or

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