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Energy Curable Product Portfolio Highlights

Nagase Specialty Materials is your one-stop shop for UV-curable materials, offering a range of products and technologies to support your diverse formulation needs across a range of applications.

Our product highlights below include a range of monomers and cationic photoinitiator. These industry staples are high quality, price competitive, and readily available for commercial use.

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Oxetane Monomers

 Grade Name  CAS  No.
 Denamer™ 1610  3047-32-3
 Denamer™ 1620  18934-00-4

Cationic Photoinitiators

Product Name CAS No.
 Denacure™ 340  344562-80-7 & 108-32-7
 Denacure™ 120  71449-78-0 & 89452-37-9 & 108-32-7
Denacure™ 320   71786-70-4 & 108-32-7
 Denacure™ 341 61358-25-6 

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