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Advance your UV curable applications

Access NAGASE’s detailed presentation about cationic and hybrid curing systems, and how your formulations and products can benefit from utilizing them.

What is cationic cure?

Cationic cure is a UV curing method in which unique photoinitiators promote the polymerization of materials like cycloaliphatic epoxies or oxetanes. It’s a useful tool for any UV formulator, especially in applications like 3D printing, can coating, and industrial adhesives. Now widely available through NAGASE, cationic curable materials can help you accomplish a range of enhanced performance properties, including:

  • Better adhesion
  • Superior dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent hardness
  • Better resilience
  • No oxygen inhibition
  • Low shrinkage

Learn more about what this material can do.

Dr. Mike Idacavage, Advisor for NAGASE Specialty Materials, recorded an in-depth presentation to help explain formulating strategies for both cationic and hybrid systems, key properties, and range of materials available.