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Access NAGASE’s detailed presentation about the AOMA™ monomer to discover its unique and versatile properties.

AOMA™ is a UV-curable monomer that offers a rare combination of properties: mechanical strength and low viscosity. During the curing process, the AOMA molecule cyclizes and forms a polymeric network, enabling both toughness and flexibility.

This enables a wide range of desirable applications, including:

  • Low viscosity ink or 3D printing formulations
  • Toughening agents
  • Polymeric networks with higher glass transition temperatures

Learn more about what this material can do.

Dr. Mike Idacavage, Advisor for NAGASE Specialty Materials, is extremely knowledgeable about AOMA™. He recorded an in-depth presentation to help explain its properties and benefits. From toughness to thermal resistance, learn about the characteristics that make AOMA™ so versatile by accessing the presentation today.

Watch the full AOMA™ presentation

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