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Unnatural Amino Acids

by: Nagase ChemteX (NAGASE Group)

Unnatural Amino Acids

Nagase’s Unnatural Amino Acids (UNAAs) serve as chiral building blocks for small molecule and peptide synthesis. These unique products open up new avenues for designing drug candidates and can be used to streamline drug production. In fact, several of Nagase’s UNAAs have shown medicinal activity either alone or as part of a larger therapeutic molecule.

Nagase’s Unnatural Amino Acids are synthesized via stereoselective alkylation of glycine or alanine using Maruoka Catalyst™ technology, producing α-mono substituted and α,α-disubstituted amino acids. The UNAAs produced by Maruoka technology can be grouped into three general categories: α-methylated natural amino acids, derivatives of natural amino acids and amino acids with linear alkene/alkyne side chains.

Nagase’s Maruoka Catalyst™ contains no metals and as a result is environmentally friendly and safer for API production where residual metal contamination of the API is a concern.

Additional Information

Over 200 Nagase UNAAs are available in gram quantities from Nagase.  Multi-kg and larger quantities can be supplied on a custom basis from our c-GMP manufacturing facility.

Regulatory Information

Larger quantities of Unnatural Amino Acid quantities can be manufactured under c-GMP conditions at the customer’s request.


Brochure: UNAA Library Ver 23

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