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Low Temperature Cure Conductive Adhesives

by: Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (Nagase Group)

Low Temperature Cure Conductive Adhesives

We offer a variety of low temperature cure adhesives for photovoltaic cells and module materials applications.  We are committed to partnering with customers to create customized solutions.

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Low Temperature Cure Conductive Adhesives

Product Description Resistivity (ohm•cm) Tg (˚C)
Tan Delta
Viscosity  cP  (5.0 s-1) Application Method
DB-1541-LTC Low temperature cure version (100˚C) for organic PV and other temperature sensitive modules     2 x 10-4  50 17,000 Needle Dispense
DB-1569 Low temperature cure (90% cured is 30 min @ 80˚C)     3 x 10-4  30 10,000 Needle Dispense


Engineered Materials Systems, Inc., a Nagase group company, is a global formulator and manufacturer of adhesives, conductives and encapsulants.

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