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Epoxy Potting Materials

by: Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (Nagase Group)

Epoxy Potting Materials

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We offer a variety of potting materials for automotive applications. Potting materials are materials that are created poured into potted circuit boards to provide resistance to shock, vibrations, moisture and corrosive agents. Our potting materials are unique and customer-specific. We are committed to partnering with customers to create customized solutions.

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Epoxy Potting Materials for Automotive Applications

Product Description Viscosity (cps) Tg - DMA(°C) Cure Lap Share Strength(AL/AL)
505-82A/B Volumetric 1:1 mix ratio,  two-component epoxy potting material 7,500 48 24 h @ 25°C <Tg: 77,  >Tg: 146
XNR5021(D)/XNH5021(D) High Tg (169 °C) and low CTE (15 ppm) two-part epoxy potting materials 27,000 167 1 h @ 100°C + 3 h @1 50°C <Tg:15,  >Tg:58


Engineered Materials Systems, Inc., a Nagase group company, is a global formulator and manufacturer of adhesives, conductives and encapsulants.

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