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DENALEX™ Epoxidized Polybutadienes

by: Nagase ChemteX (NAGASE Group)

DENALEX™ Epoxidized Polybutadienes

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The DENALEX™ series of expoxidized polybutadienes imparts flexibility, toughness, and elasticity to polymers.  With terminal epoxy groups, the DENALEX™ series readily reacts with amines and acid anhydrides and can be used in a variety of applications, including coatings, electronics, structural adhesives and as a resin modifier.  A low viscosity, low molecular weight grade is available as well as hydrogenated grades.


Coatings, electronics, structural adhesives and as a resin modifier.

Additional Information

Product Epoxy Equivalent (EEW) Viscosity (mPa・S/25°C) Color(Gardner) Total Chlorine Content (%) H2O Solubility Status
Denalex R-45EPT 1,570 10,000 1 0.8 Insoluble Commercial
Denalex R-15EPT 1,000 1,000-2,000 9 0.2 Insoluble Commercial
FCA-061L 1,500 15,000 1 0.5 Insoluble Developmental
FCA-061M 3,000 35,000 1 0.5 Insoluble Developmental

Regulatory Information

R-45EPT and R-15EPT are registered to the TSCA inventory.

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