TREHA® trehalose as natural flavor

a label friendly ingredient
for innovative flavor systems.

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TREHA® key attributes

• Off-note masking •

TREHA® trehalose overcomes negative off-notes in both flavors & odors, including proteins, vitamins, minerals and high intensity sweeteners.

• Enhanced flavor •

TREHA® trehalose enhances saltiness as well as reduces the bitterness of potassium chloride in low sodium formulations. TREHA® also highlights fruit flavors, especially citrus.

• Flavor stability •

TREHA® trehalose helps protect flavor quality during processing and shelf life.

TREHA® background

TREHA® trehalose is recognized as GRAS by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the U.S. (FEMA).
Food formulators can now label TREHA® trehalose as “natural flavor” in most flavor system applications, including beverages and gelato. Many applications can use up to five percent.
TREHA® also received a “no questions” letter from the FDA for GRAS.

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