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Blow-Molded Deck Boards

by: KN Platech (Nagase Group)

Blow-Molded Deck Boards

This line of three fabric laminated plastic (FLP) deck boards is produced using patented technology, providing high quality and customizable boards. Our technology involves attaching the fabric to board during the molding process, which eliminates the secondary step of applying the fabric after molding, and produces a board with no chance of fabric coming unattached.

A. FLP Board: FLP boards are made with molded inner ribs, which allow the boards to achieve the needed strength to meet customer requirements while offering weight reduction compared to conventional wood or solid boards. FLP boards can also be designed with a living hinge, which does not require the secondary process of installing additional components.

B. FLP Lite: FLP Lite boards are created with a core material. FLP Lite boards incorporate the same fabric laminated plastic technology as the FLP boards, but can reduce the thickness up to 50% and can reduce the weight up to 30% compared to FLP.

C. FLP Lite-S: FLP Lite-S boards are an ultra-light weight board that uses the same fabric laminating plastic technology as the FLP and FLP Lite boards. FLP Lite-S boards are ideal when there is no need for an extra-strong board and can be used along in conjunction with FLP or FLP Lite boards to reduce weight and cost.

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Nagase's interior parts group specializes in supplying high quality, price-competitive products to the automotive market globally.  Our relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures, combined with our network of experienced interior parts suppliers both domestically and globally, allow us to successfully launch and manage multiple programs for a variety of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  Additionally, our adept ability to control quality, warehouse, and import/export large quantities of automotive parts, adds intrinsic value to our overall function as a global interior parts supplier.


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